Fallout 76's Camp-Building Looks a Lot Like Fallout 4's Settlements

By Rich Stanton on at

A few new details on Fallout 76's camp-building dropped at Gamescom, showing how the online multiplayer game expands on the settlement idea from Fallout 4. There's apparently more freedom in where you can set up your camp, but it can now also be re-located if you wish (in exchange for some caps...). You can build defences and structures, as well as furnishings, so it sounds basically like a moving fortress.

You can sell crafted tools and items to neighbours, use caps to upgrade dwelling features, and of course build with others. The whole camp-building side of the game remains optional, so players who just want the questing experience can get that. Which is rather nice, because frankly this side of Fallout 4 wasn't all that great, and whether it will make a better fit for Fallout 76's world remain to be seen.

It was also announced that players who've preordered Fallout 76 will get access to a beta on Xbox One in October.

The idea behind Vault 76 in the Fallout universe is that these are the people intended to ultimately rebuild the world after apocalypse. So the future of humanity looks like loot grinding, monsters with ginormous health bars, and building camps you'll never hang out in. Sign me up!