Devil May Cry 5 Releases in March 2019, Dante is SSSmoking Hot

By Rich Stanton on at

A new trailer for Devil May Cry 5 ends with a glimpse of Dante in his new super-hunky post-Geralt form - and a release date for the game, 8 March 2019. During the official Microsoft stream, Capcom's Matt Walker both wore a cool DMC jacket and expanded on a few of the details covered in Laura's hands-on post from earlier today.

We saw Nero Bowser-toss a boss using his 'buster arm' devil breakers. Devil breakers are basically super-powerful robot arms. There are eight of these Nero can use, including a rocket version which, in an undeniably thrilling sequence, he 'skateboarded' through the air. You build up meter for these by chaining moves, but they can also be broken through over-use or especially impactful special moves (and you can trigger the break).

But the real news here is surely just how hot Dante is looking. Damn son: not only does he enter in a motorbike that transforms into two giant blades, but check that disco stubble. Straight to my veins please, Capcom.