Dark Souls on Switch Runs Fantastically, Even If The Gamescom Build is Weird

By Laura Kate Dale on at

This week, Kotaku UK are reporting to you live from the Gamescom 2018 show floor in Cologne, Germany, and we're busy playing every game we can get our hands on.

We spent a little time today on the show floor playing Dark Souls Remastered on Nintendo Switch, which recently got a new release date for October. The build we played was a little funky, the A and B button functions on menus were reversed so you had to hit B to confirm and A to back out of a menu, but from what I could tell speaking to the rep this was an issue specific to this build of the game, not a design choice.

I played Dark Souls Remastered in portable mode, starting from the beginning of the game and, honestly, I can sum up my thoughts pretty easily: this is not the best looking way to play Dark Souls. But it might be the best. There are jagged edges aplenty, and the game overall looks a little less impressive, but that trade-off is totally worth it to hold Lordran in your hands.

This is Dark Souls on a handheld, with a stable framerate that didn't drop in any of the areas where I tried specifically to make it drop. It feels responsive and crisp, and still looks more than good enough to have a portable 'wow' factor.

As someone who held off on picking up Dark Souls Remastered on PS4 earlier this year because my heart's true desire was the Switch version, 20 minutes was enough to convince me the wait was worthwhile. As someone who commutes and wants to jump back into this world on train rides, I'm really pleased with how well it performs in handheld mode.