Nintendo Shows off 16 Indie Games Coming to Switch in a Indie Highlights Presentation

By Kim Snaith on at

We've not had a Nintendo Direct in, oh, about a week, so Nintendo has released a new Indie Highlights video, showcasing 16 indie games, new and old, making their way to Switch in the coming months.

You can watch the entire presentation below — it's about 20 minutes long — but we've summarised the highlights below. Hooray for indies!

  • Night Call from Raw Fury sees you play as a taxi driver working nights in a busy city. You'll plan out routes, converse with passengers and seemingly get embroiled in some dark and interesting storylines that are probably way over your taxi driver pay grade. It's coming in 'early 2019'.
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom from FDG Entertainment is a colourful and cute-looking platform adventure that puts you in control of a boy... and a frog, and a pig, and a dragon. It looks to be very reminiscent of platform games of the 90s, albeit with a lovely, clean art style. It's coming on 6th November.
  • The Gardens Between from The Voxel Agents is a gorgeous-looking adventure game about using time travel to solve complex and interesting puzzles. It's coming to Switch on 20th September.
  • Streets of Rogue from tinyBuild is a pixelated brawler that released on PC back in March 2017, and now coming to Switch. It'll be available later this year, in 'Winter 2018'.
  • Bad North, another game from Raw Fury, is a highly stylised tactical roguelite that's all about protected islands from seabound invaders. It's available right now.
  • Moonlighter, a gorgeous adventure game that's been available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One for a few months, is making its way to Switch in 'Autumn 2018'.
  • This War of Mine, the stylish and harrowing game about surviving war in Eastern Europe is also making its way to the format in November, along with Children of Morta, a pixelated adventure game, which will land in 'Early 2019'.
  • Everspace, the impressively vast space-based roguelike, is coming to Switch in the form of Everspace: Stellar Edition. Whether the outer reaches of space will look quite as impressive on Nintendo's handheld as they do on PC or Xbox One X remains to be seen, but we're looking forward to intergalactic travel while sat on the bus. It's releasing in December.
  • Baba is You from Hempuli is a unique pixelated puzzle game, whose trailer makes it look incredibly mind-boggling, but also very intriguing. It's coming to Switch in Autumn.
  • Slay the Spire, a card-based battle game released on PC earlier this year, and it'll be available on Switch in early 2019.
  • We already knew that Windjammers, the 'original flying disc game' is coming to Switch. But we didn't know that it's also getting a brand new sequel, Windjammers 2. The original will release on 23rd October, with its sequel coming some time in 2019.
  • Terraria's coming to Switch in 2019.
  • Prison Architect, the game about building a prison and keeping your inmates safe and happy (ish), is available on Switch right now, and the Escape Mode DLC will be coming later this summer.
  • Morphie's Law, a team-based shooter with a cool Mexican-inspired art style will be available on Switch  from 6pm tonight. It looks like a lot of crazy, colourful fun.

And finally, If you're at Gamescom this week, you'll be able to play Baba is You, WarGroove, The Gardens Between, Moonlighter, Night Call, Planet Alpha, Stick Fight, Unruly Heroes, Everspace and Monster Boy on the show floor.