Here's What God of War in Egypt Would Have Looked Like

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over this past weekend at Devcom, God of War director Cory Barlog showed off some concept art for the God of War PS4 reboot that almost was.

Early in development, there was apparently a discussion about whether the newest God of War game should be set in Norse or Egyptian mythology. Reported by GearNuke, Barlog ultimately had the final vote on which of the two settings to go with, and picked Norse because he felt it would better allow a focus on Kratos and his personal journey.

Other small bits of info given during the talk include that playtesters were initially uncomfortable with the direction of having Kratos have a son joining on his journey.

God of War on PS4 ultimately ended up selling incredibly well, so maybe we will still someday get this Egypt-based game that never quite came to be.