THQ Nordic Just Acquired TimeSplitters and Second Sight

By Laura Kate Dale on at

THQ Nordic have been expanding their library of teams and well known brands for the last couple of years, and via Koch Media, they this week made a couple of additional notable additions to their library.

As of today, THQ Nordic now owns the TimeSplitters series, as well as Second Sight, a pair of early to mid 2000's game IPs which received a decent amount of critical acclaim and generally positive reception.

TimeSplitters when it released in the early 2000's was a series of games where players could take part in arcade style action, moving through areas and taking part in fast paced shooting gallery challenges, all while encountering humour and pop culture references.

Second Sight was a mid 2000's action adventure game, about a man with psychic abilities trying to escape a medical facility. Players had to use a combination of psychic powers and gun combat to escape and learn more about how they ended up in the facility's clutches.

While no firm announcements were made for new entries in either series, it was stated that "full details of future TimeSplitters and Second Sight products will be revealed in due course".