It Took 26 Years To Find Ultima 7's Lord British Hiding In This Secret Room

By Logan Booker on at

Released back in 1992, Ultima VII: The Black Gate from Origin Systems was an RPG masterpiece. Featuring Richard Garriott's Lord British and the ever-wholesome Avatar (literally the player's avatar) you could spend hours doing what you liked, from exploring the edges of Britannia to baking your body weight in bread. I can't say I'm shocked it took almost three decades to find yet another of the game's secrets — a room containing a rather angry British.

According to a tweet by Medieval Nerd, it was added as a "cheat room" by one of the developers. However, Richard Garriott discovered it, and decided to add a little surprise.

Once inside the room, British cries "Busted!" and proceeds to unload on the player, declaring him a "thieving scoundrel bastard".

After throwing a few more insults, British fires off a few lightning bolts, killing the player (this doesn't happen in the above clip, as the recorder seems to be invulnerable).

As an aside — that Twitter thread goes on to talk about the many ways Lord British can be killed in-game and includes comments from Garriott himself. There are some intentional ways to go about it, but a couple — like giving him poisoned bread — were "accidental/oversights!".

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Featured Image: Medieval Nerd / Twitter