This Weekend, Pokémon Go Gets a Double Eevee Community Day

By Laura Kate Dale on at

This weekend, Pokémon Go is having another of its monthly community day events where players can get rare variants of monsters alongside a bunch of other bonuses for getting out and playing. However, August's community day event is a little different to past events.

This month's community event centres around Eevee, a Pokémon with five possible random evolutions in Pokémon Go, and another three evolutions available in the core RPGs which will likely come to Pokémon Go some time in the next year or so. While players can name their Eevee a specific nickname to force it to evolve into their desired evolution, this can only be done once. That means most players who are looking to fill more spaces in their Pokédex will just have to evolve an Eevee and see what it becomes at random.

As with all Pokémon Go community days, Eevee will be able to be found in shiny variants this weekend, so there will be a pressure for players to snag as many shiny variants as they can, not only to get shiny versions of the current five evolutions, but to have enough spares left after the event to get the next three evolutions in shiny form when they become available.

As a result, rather than running the community event for just one day which is the standard, the Eevee community day will run for two days. On Saturday 11th August and Sunday 12th August, from 10am-1pm BST, you'll be able to find a whole lot of Eevee out in the wild.

During the event, lures will last for three hours, trainers will gain triple stardust for catches (which is useful considering the stardust cost for trades), plus the Eevees caught during the event will all know the move Last Resort, a very powerful normal type move.

So, there's the info: two days of chances to stock up on Shiny Eevee in order to get a bunch of new shiny critters. Now's the time, get out there and get catching.