There's a Free We Happy Few VR Game Available on PSVR Starting Today

By Laura Kate Dale on at

With We Happy Few finally leaving Early Access tomorrow, we're getting a little extra surprise release connected to the game, in the form of a free PSVR experience.

We Happy Few: Uncle Jack Live is a side story exclusive to PSVR set in the world of We Happy Few but separate from the main game. You play a producer on a news program, selecting stories and running the broadcast, with the intent of keeping the citizens happy, placated, and taking their legally-drugs. Selecting stories that do not cheer up the populous will lead to the newscaster spinning the stories into positives for you, but thinking less of your skills as a result, which will branch the narrative.

You'll also have to micromanage an outbreak of downers by medicating them with Joy without ceasing your duties running the broadcast.

Uncle Jack Live is available today for free on PSVR, and the main game of We Happy Few releases on PC, PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow.