Child of Light and Valiant Hearts: The Great War Are Coming to Switch

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Announced today in an email from Ubisoft, two of the studio's smaller artsy releases from the past few years will soon be coming to Switch.

Child of Light, a UbiArt RPG, tells the story of a young girl from Austria who awakes in a fantastical world, and must fight evil to return home to her own world. It's coming to Switch on October 11th.

Valiant Hearts is another UbiArt title, this time a side-scrolling adventure set in the First World War, in which you go through several short personal stories, learning about the sorts of issues faced by individuals trying to survive in the war. Valiant Hearts is coming to Switch November 8th.

Both games, while a few years old now, have really solid art styles that hold up well still today.