Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct Details New Characters, Stages, and Full Content Listings

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As part of today's Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct, we got a bunch of new information about the upcoming party crossover fighting game.

As we wrote about separately, there's a lot of Castlevania content coming to Smash! Series protagonist and vampire slayer Simon Belmont is the newest playable fighter revealed. He'll be joined by random appearances from Dracula, Alucard as an Assist Trophy, and Richter Belmont as an Echo Fighter. Dracula's castle will be a new environment, and the game is adding no less then thirty four Castlevania songs to Smash Bros. Ultimate's soundtrack.

They aren't the only new characters coming to the game, either. Chrom and Dark Samus will also be added to the roster – but only as echo fighters of Lucina and Samus, respectively.

On top of this, we learned that the game currently features 103 total stages, a new maximum for the series. Each of these stages has a battlefield form, an omega form, and has the option to turn off stage hazards.

The game also features somewhere between 800 and 900 music tracks, which will take around 28 hours to listen through back to back. In handheld mode, it's possible to switch off the screen, but still keep music playing, allowing Switch owners to use the system as a portable Nintendo music playback device.

Following this, we got a very fast-paced sizzle reel showing off a series of new items, as well as new Pokémon. We didn't quite manage to catch all of them – we'll be watching back through to fill in the gaps shortly! – we did spot Ditto, who can transform into any fighter nearby and use their moves.

We also got confirmation that Mega Man Zero and Shovel Knight, two highly requested characters, will only be available as an Assist Trophy. The Rathalos from Monster Hunter World can also appear as an Assist Trophy, or as a stage boss.

The main menu for Ultimate has the option to bring up a dashboard, and contains a currently hidden away secretive additional mode.

Lastly, we ended the direct with a reveal that King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong series is also coming to Smash Ultimate.

If you missed the live stream of the Nintendo Direct, you can watch the whole thing in the video below. Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on Nintendo Switch on 7th December, and after all this new information, we're more excited than ever!