Simon Belmont is Whipping Smash Bros. Ultimate Into Shape

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Revealed as part of today's Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct, Castlevania protagonist and vampire slayer Simon Belmont is the newest playable fighter revealed for Nintendo's crossover fighting game.

The news, which was leaked earlier today by a mislabelled Youtube video, and earlier by a pre E3 leak, came right at the start of the livestreamed Nintendo event, hosted by Sakurai himself.

Simon's signature item in Smash will be his holy whip, which has greater reach than any other standard weapon, but leaves you open to attack. Simon can move the whip freely in combat, though it's unclear how that will be done. He will also have access to his axe, cross, holy water, and an uppercut. His final smash involves shoving the opponent into a coffin, and whipping it around.

Dracula's Castle is available as a Castlevania stage, apparently acting as the darkest stage in the series history. Hitting candles will reward players with items, and there is a chance of series bosses popping up in the stage. Additionally, in rare instances, Dracula may appear on the stage, but the conditions for this were not revealed. There will also be 34 new and classic Castlevania music tracks available to play on this stage.

Also, as part of the reveal, we learned that Alucard will be an assist trophy, and Richter Belmont will be a playable Echo Fighter of Simon Belmont.

Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on December 7th, and will feature every character from the history of the series, as well as a small handful of new fighters.

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