An Odd Leak May Have Revealed Smash Ultimate's Next Character

By Laura Kate Dale on at

While video game news leaks happen pretty often these days, it's not often that a leak happens in as odd a manner as today's possible Smash Bros. Ultimate character reveal leak. This particular leak involved an official YouTube account, an unlisted video, and some very specific incorrect labelling of a song.

So, here's the scoop. At 3PM UK today, Nintendo is livestreaming a Smash Bros. Ultimate focused Nintendo Direct. While none of the content of the Direct has been confirmed, most gamers anticipating the Direct are assuming that livestream will end with a new character reveal for the game. While Sakurai has told fans not to expect too many new characters as a result of Ultimate bringing back all past fighters, many still anticipate a few more character reveals before launch.

Initially discovered by Twitter user @JakeMueller0314, an unlisted video was found on the official Smash Bros. YouTube channel containing a medley of Galaga music. This audio had already been officially put out previously on the same YouTube channel, as part of Nintendo's daily drip feed of tiny bits of Ultimate information. What was more interesting was the way the video was titled.

The video, which was a duplicate of an earlier video and as such likely uploaded with the wrong audio, was titled "Bloody Tears / Monster Dance", presumably the title of the audio that was meant to have been uploaded rather than a duplicate of the Galaga medley track. If you know your gaming soundtracks, you might recognise both Blood Tears and Monster Dance as referring to music from Castlevania.

Given the upload's proximity to today's Nintendo Direct, many made the assumption from here that today's Direct will reveal Simon Belmont as a fighter for Smash Bros. Ultimate. A supposed leak shortly prior to E3, which correctly predicted Ridley as the new character reveal for E3, also stated that Simon Belmont would appear in Ultimate as a playable fighter. With the timing of this mistitled track, and that past leak on people's minds, many are now anticipating a Simon Belmont reveal within the next six hours.

While we did see and screenshot the YouTube video last night while the track was still incorrectly labelled, it has since been renamed to Galaga Medley once more. We have reached out to Nintendo for comment.