Fortnite V5.2 Adds Double Barrel Shotgun, Always Moving Storm Mode

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Fortnite is currently offline for its weekly maintenance and update period, and when it comes back online in a few hours it'll bring with it a bunch of new content, some permanent and some limited time available.

The first big addition in V5.2 is that you'll now be able to find a double barrel shotgun in Battle Royale mode, offering devastating power at short range.

Battle Royale is also getting a new limited time mode, called Steady Storm. In Steady Storm, the storm never stops moving, and does not feature a safe zone, meaning that camping in a safe spot until the storm zone shrinks isn't an option. You have to keep moving with the storm rather than hunkering down and defending a spot. The storm closes in still, over a period of 15 minutes, and the storm does a stable 10 damage per second throughout the whole match.

For Save the World mode players, there's a new outfit available in the form of Ragnarok, The Dark Viking. The character has an ability called Seismic Impact, which appears to smash into the ground and cause a huge impact below the player.

The update should also apparently improve performance for the game on Switch, by as much as 10% in certain high intensity scenes.

You can read the full patch notes, including a lot of small bug fixes and numerical changes, here.