You Can Unlock a Special Weapon For Red Dead Redemption 2 Through GTA Online Right Now

By David Meikleham on at

Will October 26 never come?! While we all anxiously wait for Rockstar's upcoming Wild West epic, you can ease the waiting game by unlocking a special Red Dead Redemption 2 weapon via GTA Online.

To earn the Stone Hatchet, you must track down and kill bounty hunter targets for Maude, who'll send you the wetwork details through texts. Off these nasty folk, and you'll bag $250,000 of in-game currency, alongside the hack-tastic weapon, which will unlock in the sandbox Western when it launches this October.

I'm absurdly excited for Red Dead Redemption 2. Where's a ruddy time travelling DeLorean when you need one?


Featured image: Rockstar