GTA Online's Resident DJ Makes Music Video in GTA

By Rich Stanton on at

It seems like every few weeks Grand Theft Auto Online has something to surprise me, like a virtual cop show, and years after release this is the game that just keeps on giving. The recent After Hours DLC saw the debut of a resident DJ Solomun, who presumably specialises in threatening to divide the beat before dropping phat wisdom. In a first for the series, Rockstar has partnered up with Solomun to create a music video for a new song of his, called 'Customer is King', shot entirely in the world of Los Santos.

There are a few interesting parts to this, primarily that the video features custom mocap and animation as well as known characters from GTAV. The setup will be instantly familiar to any Online player though, as Solomun's avatar takes off on a series of timed courier missions across this incredible city, with the camera lens lingering on little side stories and various hijinks unfolding.

So many years ago, I remember one of the most mind-blowing aspects of GTAIV was that you could sit in your apartment and watch television, with a huge amount of piss-taking shows available, or go to a comedy club and watch entire sets from Ricky Gervais, Katt Williams and later Frankie Boyle. Here we are years later and, not only can you watch Solomun's new music video shot in the game, but then you can turn on GTA Online and go listen to a full set from the DJ in a nightclub.

Rockstar has other collaborations planned with resident DJs in the weeks to come, which include Tale Of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna. If anything wild happens we'll let you know; otherwise, catch you in da club.