The Mighty Glasgow Celtic Get Special PES 2019 Edition

By Rich Stanton on at

In the wilds of Scotland, cultivated football is as rare as a white buck in your back garden. Yet there is a place, a temple where the locals worship and the pride of Glasgow resides... yes, my son, they call it Paradise.

It's officially known as Celtic Park to you soft Southern shandy drinkers, or Parkhead's fine too, the home of a grand old team to play for. Yes, the current Scottish Champions have been announced as a partner club for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, meaning a limited edition of the game with Celtic branding will be released – though, rather confusingly, Celtic Park will be added in a post-launch patch. All the Celtic players will be there though, scanned in by "dozens of cameras from every angle" it says here, which does sound a bit too intimate.

This tie-up is at least partly because PES 2019 is going to incorporate the full Scottish Premiership, meaning all twelve clubs will have their official kit and squads in the game. Celtic gets the limited edition, however, because Konami knows it can probably flog it:

Celtic’s massive contribution however will be celebrated with a Limited Edition club version of PES 2019. Fans will be able to purchase a specially-branded Celtic Edition featuring bespoke DLC and content. Only 1000 will be available, and demand is certain to be great. Further details on content will follow.

Seriously, if you ever visit Glasgow try to count up how many club shops for Celtic you see. There are even a few Rangers ones left (a club that used to be Celtic's main rival before it defrauded the taxman and was wound-up). Konami's press release sums up Celtic as having "enjoyed incredible domestic and European success" but let's just spell that out: Celtic is the first British club to win the European Cup (1967), and when it wins the Scottish Premier League next season that will mark a 50th league title.

There's only one question. Are we going to get historical here? I can see it now, from colour to black and white: Henrik Larsson, Lubomir Moravcik, John Collins, Paul McStay, Roy Aitken, Tommy Gemmel, Bobby Lennox, Billy McNeil, Jinky Johnstone, Charlie Tulley... where will it end Konami? Knowing the Celtic fanbase, they'll probably release each individual player as DLC and make a killing.

PES 2019 is out on August 30 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.