The Eden Project Has a New VR Game Where You Visit Venus

By Rich Stanton on at

The Eden Project is a pretty amazing place in Cornwall, probably best-known for being set in an enormous crater and for the huge biomes that contain the largest 'captive' rainforest in the world. It's one hell of a day out, and as part of this year's Exhibition Space event it now boasts a new VR experience, developed by the Bristol-based studio Zubr.

This VR Venus experience apparently "immerses visitors in the breath-taking vistas and sounds of Venus, taking them on a perilous journey from a base to a rocket ready to take off. On the way they explore caves on the planet’s surface and traverse a perilous bridge over molten lava flows."

The game is physically set in a purpose-built area, which includes surround sound. Eden's hosted various VR experiences before, but this is the first video game. It's of a piece with the Expedition Space event which seems to have a very 'space adventure' vibe, including a Mission to Mars, mini-golf on Mercury and driving buggies on the moon.

The VR experience costs £5 per person, in addition to the main Eden Project admission fee (which looks to be £25.00 in advance for an adult, as well as various package options), and the Expedition Space event runs until 2 September 2018. Quite outside of the VR Venus stuff though, I'd recommend the Eden Project to anyone around or visiting Cornwall. There's nothing like it.