Hellblade VR Launches Next Week, And It's Free For Existing Owners

By Rich Stanton on at

In a surprise announcement, Ninja Theory is launching Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition for Oculus and HTC Vive on 31st July 2018. It's perhaps unsurprising that PSVR isn't included, given the Cambridge-based studio's recent acquisition by Microsoft. There's no arguing with the price though: if you own the original game, it's a free update.

Hellblade was Kotaku UK's British Game of the Year for 2017, and was an absolute triumph for a studio that, over the years, developed many special games without ever really getting the success it deserved. Even if you don't have VR kit the 'vanilla' Hellblade is worth looking up, not only for its exquisite combat system (which, for my money, is much slicker than the garlanded God of War) and unusual exploration of psychosis and the trauma of loss — but because, whatever your expectations are, Hellblade is probably not what you think it is.