Jolly Nice Chap Wins PES 2018 World Finals

By Rich Stanton on at

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Finals were held this weekend in Barcelona, seeing the world's eight best solo players and four co-op teams gather for a shot at the gold. And Italian player Ettore Giannuzi, who plays as Ettorito97, turned out to be the virtual equivalent of Baresi and Baggio rolled into one — as well as a real nice guy.

The Italian first shared co-op success as part of the three-man team Broken Silence, playing alongside Alex Aguacil and Luca Tubelli as the mighty Arsenal. Then, the big twist, Gianuzzi made his way to the solo final — where he had to face off against his close friend Aguacil. Drama! This is where the big game players prove themselves.

Giannuzi defeated his friend and teammate 3-0, restraining his celebrations after goals and even after the match, and was crowned PES world champion 2018. The double title for the Italian is also a first for the PES Finals, but it's the fact he still has time when talking about this to console his mate that I find quite heartwarming.

“After seven years I am the champion again and I am so happy," says Gianuzzi. "I am so happy to win both the Co-op and the 1v1 titles, and I am a little sad to beat Alex but it’s a game."

Maybe I'm an old softie, but I found this admirable. He's a little sad! Gianuzzi would have your back when the going gets rough, he's a top man. And what a refreshing change from a competitive culture that, sometimes, seems to prize bad manners, arrogance, and public displays of petulance. Congratulations to Giannuzi and his teammates in Broken Silence, who by words as well as deeds are worthy champions.