New European Trademarks Confirm Taiko Drum Master Coming to Europe

By Laura Kate Dale on at

A couple of weeks ago, an Australian age ratings board rated Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘N’ Fun! on Switch, suggesting that the upcoming drumming game is getting a Western release. The game, which has only been officially confirmed for a release in Asia, launches in Japan tomorrow, and is getting an English language patch on August 9th.

Adding more fuel to the fire that the new Switch game is coming to England, three new trademarks just got rated in Europe. The first, Drum Master, is pretty self explanatory. The second,  Drum ‘n’ Fun!, seems to confirm that the Australian ratings board listing is real, as it confirms the official status of the subtitle for the game. The third and final, Drum Session!, is the subtitle for a PS4 game, which was released in Asia with English subtitles last October.

The picture painted by these trademark filings is that some time very soon, we're going to see the most recent PS4 and Switch Taiko Drum Master titles announced for a European release. And based on the Australian rating, the release of these titles likely won't be a huge way off.