An Overwatch Fan Is Remaking Every Hero In Torbjorn's Image

By Nathan Grayson on at

Overwatch’s hero roster keeps changing – all in the name of perfection that’s ultimately unattainable. Or at least, it would be, if one fan hadn’t cracked the code. One word: Torbjorn.

For the past two months, Overwatch fan and subreddit poster Drewhead118 has been meticulously splicing every hero’s DNA with Torbjorn’s. The results have been both stunning and alarming. Here’s his most recent batch of Torbjorn chimeras:

Wreckingbjorn, Torbisa, and Torbhardt, rebjorning for duty!

“Blizzard’s character design is consistently strong, but even Michelangelo accepted a helping hand from time to time,” wrote Drewhead118 in today’s update to his ongoing project. “I have been slowly amassing screenshots of what this game could be, if only the right character redesigns were made.”

So far, he’s added unquestionable improvements to the designs of Wrecking Ball (call him Hammond, damn it), Orisa, Reinhardt, Symmetra, Widowmaker, Sombra, Tracer, Mercy, Junkrat, Roadhog, and D.Va. Drewhead118 told Kotaku in a DM that the hardest heroes to merge with Torbjorn are the ones he’s been putting off because their design styles aren’t what you’d call compatible: Winston, Genji, Orisa, and the like (or not-like, as it were).

As for why Drewhead118 has poured hours of time over the course of two months into this bizarre yet undeniably noble pursuit, he’s not entirely sure.

“I couldn’t tell you exactly what drove me to taking on this project,” he said. “Just one day it kind of flashed in my head, I chuckled at the concept, and then I started to imagine what certain heroes might look like. Before long, I had Photoshop open, and I was diligently stretching Sombra’s neon arm cover over Torbjorn’s massive bicep. Sometimes these things just happen.”

It’s just as Michelangelo would have said if he could only have seen these designs and also played Overwatch: the world could always use more turrets. And beards.