Fortnite Season 5 is Now Live, Here's the Trailers, Patch Notes, and Everything New

By Laura Kate Dale on at

After around three hours of downtime, Fortnite season 5 is now available in all territories and on all platforms. While the update has not been live for long, here's everything new about it.

We got the patch notes for Fortnite V5 a little earlier today, you can read those in full here.

Below you can see the announcement trailer for Fortnite Season 5: Worlds Collide, which confirms the long-rumoured fact that this season focuses on bringing items and locations from multiple time periods and locations together into one map.

There's also a trailer for the battle pass, which shows off a bunch of new skins and cosmetics now available in game:

Fortnite season 5 adds in ATK vehicles, which allow a squad of four to travel the map together at speed. It also adds in a desert biome, as well as two new areas, Paradise Palms, and Lazy Links.

In terms of these new locations, the moisty mire in the south east of the map has been replaced with the new desert biome. The area contains hills, a river, and an upgraded racetrack for the new ATK vehicle.

Paradise Palms takes the place of the unnamed prison. It's the new primary location in the desert.

And lastly, Anarchy Acres has been replaced with Lazy Links, the new golfing area of the map. The area appears to be a small holiday resort. In other changes, Dusty Divot, that big crater, is now full of trees.

The map also features sparkly portals, which can be walked into if discovered on the map. By getting close enough to one, a player will be automatically thrown up into the sky above that spot, not as high as an initial battle bus drop, but high enough to get the drop on unsuspecting players. They do not appear in set fixed locations, and will appear in random spots each match.

For Switch players, the new update now allows players to use gyro controls when aiming, something which can be toggled on or off depending on preference. The game's homescreen icon on Switch has also been updated to reflect the new season.

All in all, Fortnite Season 5 seems like a really solid set of changes and updates to a game that has for a while been doing really well at changing up its world to keep things fresh. Season 5 is live on all platforms right now. We will be sure to update with more info on the new map changes as the information becomes available.