The Spectrum Retreat is Out Today

By Kim Snaith on at

The Spectrum Retreat, a first person narrative puzzle game, is available from today on Xbox One and PS4. It'll be on PC on Friday, and Nintendo Switch later this summer.

A game that started out life as a prototype that won 18-year old game designer Dan Smith a Young Game Designer BAFTA award, The Spectrum Retreat takes place in a fancy art deco-style hotel. Like any good first-person puzzle game, you're not quite sure why you're there. Everything's a bit mysterious – the hotel staff don't have faces for once, which is surely to get a bad review on TripAdvisor. And between exploring the beautiful yet eerie corridors of the hotel, you're forced into test chambers to complete a series of puzzles.

The puzzles in The Spectrum Retreat revolve around coloured blocks, and changing the colours of blocks in order to activate switches and doors. Through solving the puzzles you'll progress through the game, unravelling more about the mysterious hotel and what on earth you're doing there.

It's £9.99 on PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to wrap your brain around some tough puzzles while exploring an intriguing hotel, The Spectrum Retreat may well be worth checking in to.