Unlike Dark Souls, FromSoftware's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Will Have a Proper Tutorial

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As much as I love the Dark Souls games, it's undeniable that their lack of a traditional tutorial is a barrier to entry for some. Like, I know now that I need to play more cautiously, slowly, and thoughtfully in Dark Souls than other games, watching for openings and attacking rarely, but the game never really helped much.

FromSoftware's next game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is being published by Activision, and apparently the publisher intends to stick their nose in to ensure the game actually does have a decent tutorial to help guide players through the early game.

In an interview with Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyuzaki conducted by Eurogamer, Miyuzaki stated that Sekiro does a better job explaining to players what to do, and the change is a result of "much-needed support" from Activision:

"It also depends on that level of comfort and playability that comes with the rest of the game. These things generally aren't our forte, but we do need some support, and Activision is providing that. One reason we're working with Activision is they hold our creative vision in the highest regard. From has editorial and directive control over the game and the game's contents; after you press the start button, it's all up to the From team.

"That said, we do need help with some things and we are getting advice from Activision, but they do 100 percent respect our vision and they do not want to mess with that core fanbase and that core gameplay concept."

This all said, don't panic and worry that the FromSoft you know and love is going away completely. The story in Sekiro will still be told in non-linear fragments, found by exploring a difficult in-game world.