Today and Tomorrow, Corsola is Available in Pokemon Go in the UK

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the past weekend, Pokémon Go players from around the world travelled to Dortmund, Germany, for a free Safari Zone event. Players saw highly increased rates of shiny Pokémon spawning, as well as the chance to catch Corsola, a Pokémon normally only able to be caught in areas of the world near water, and the earth's equator.

The event got off to an incredibly rocky start, with a bug locking players out the game for hours if they used an Incense item in game, and with others unable to get past network issues.

Due to the disappointing aspects of the weekend for those who travelled out, Niantic is making Corsola available to players across Europe for 48 hours. Yes, until 1am UK Thursday morning you'll be able to catch Corsola in the UK.

However, many who travelled out to the event in Germany, paying for travel and accommodation, are unhappy about this as an apology from Niantic. Many feel that this takes the rare Pokémon they got as a reward for their travels, and just gives it to everyone regardless of if they attended.

Still, for someone like me who was unable to attend the event in Germany, but needed to fill that particular spot in my collection, I am certainly not complaining. I also caught a shiny Roselia this morning in the UK, which suggests that spawns for those may also have increased.