After Six Days of Issues, Playground is Back in Fortnite

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Initially introduced to Fortnite last Wednesday as part of update v4.5, Playground is a limited time mode where up to four players can drop into a largely empty map together and practice building and shooting without risk. Shot players respawn instantly, weapons are plentiful, and for an hour you can just experiment with game tools and mechanics without fear of being killed off.

The mode was live for two hours before being pulled offline due to server strain.

Over the six days since, Epic has given numerous statements on the missing mode, which mostly just stated that the mode was still causing issues and not yet ready to return, but as of today the mode is back. Yes, you can now get back into Playground.

Apparently, a postmortem on the issues is coming. Here's hoping Epic keeps Playground around a little longer than initially planned to make up for the week we lost with this limited time mode.