Hammond, Overwatch's Newest Hero, is a Hamster With a Mech Ball

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the past couple of days, the official Overwatch Twitter account has been teasing the addition of a new hero to Overwatch. Yesterday's tease featured a metal ball rolling past, and a poster of the Horizon Lunar Colony, leading many to assume the reveal would be for Hammond. As it turns out, those assumptions were correct, and Hammond is a giant hamster who rides around in a mechanical hamster ball.

Hammond was the name given to one of the test subjects at the Horizon Lunar colony, who escaped his cage ahead of the colony's collapse. The escaped test subject loved carrots, was small enough to fit into ventilation, and was not a threat after his escape. A sleuthy reddit user actually worked out yesterday that Hammond was going to be a hamster, the clues were there to be found.

We currently do not know anything about Hammond, including his abilities or class in game, but we will update once Blizzard gives us more information.