Yo-Kai Watch World is Pokémon Go, But With Ghosts in Japan

By Laura Kate Dale on at

The Yo-Kai Watch games, which have been releasing on Nintendo handhelds for the past few years, are very thematically similar to the Pokémon games. You collect, battle, and trade fantastical creatures in a world where such creatures are highly sought after.

Over the past few weeks,  a new Yo-Kai Watch game has been teased, and we now know what what it is. Yo-Kai Watch World is basically Pokémon Go, but with magical ghosts, and at least for now centred around Japan.

The reveal trailer for the game is in Japanese, and ends with a zoomed-out view of Japan rather than the whole world, but the game is powered by Google Maps, and features "world" in the name. It's currently tough to tell if it will get localised, or if it will be playable in GPS locations outside of Japan.

The game makes use of location data, as well as augmented reality camera features, to allow you to collect Yo-Kai in the real world around you. We will update with more information as it becomes available.