PUBG Corp. Drops Lawsuit Against Fortnite and Epic

By Laura Kate Dale on at

PUBG Corp, the company behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has until recently been taking legal action against Epic games in South Korea. The suit itself was often described as a copyright claim, though there are murky waters because PUBG is built on Epic's Unreal Engine, which means arguing over licensing terms and support, not to mention the fact both companies are part-owned by gaming giant Tencent.

The suit looked like it would be more of an unholy mess than a battle royale but, according to a report by Bloomberg, a letter of withdrawal was sent to Epic Games on Monday, and as a result the lawsuit has now ended. PUBG and its law firm confirmed this to Bloomberg, though not whether the withdrawal meant a settlement had been reached. Kotaku has contacted Epic for comment and, if we hear anything back, will update.

PUBG was not the first battle royale experience, but was the first to really explode in public popularity, before in last year being eclipsed by Fortnite. Epic's game, while similar in some regards, has substantial distinctions, not least its core action being split between gunplay and building. Fortnite has also benefited from a more consistent update schedule, free to play status, and availability on a higher number of platforms.