Fortnite v4.5 Brings a New Playground Mode and the Triumphant Return of Shopping Trolleys

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Fortnite updates normally land around 8am or 9am UK time on Tuesdays, but this week's update arrived a day later than expected. A whole day! But the wait looks like it was worth it, as the V4.5 patch for Fortnite contains a bunch of new content and tweaks. You can currently download the update, and the patch notes are up so we know what to expect.

The new update first adds dual pistols to Battle Royale, a new weapon which works much as you'd might expect: it's a faster way to fire lots of pistol shots, but less precise than a single gun.

V4.5 also adds Playground to the game, a practice mode for Battle Royale where players can drop down onto the island with up to three friends for, well, a bit of an explore and a chill out. Combat isn't a focus here, but building and learning the ins and outs of the island without the constant threat of being killed. During the mode targets spawn for you to practice firing in relative safety, however, and you'll have one hour to practice the game without pressure.

For the first 55 minutes of Playground friendly fire is on, meaning you can shoot and kill your friends but they respawn instantly. During the final five minutes, the storm circle begins to close in, and if you are killed by the storm in that final five minutes you remain dead. Beyond this, resource rates are far higher while ammo and chests are also more plentiful, so you should be able to experiment with everything fairly easily.

On all systems bar Switch, Save the World gets part 4 of the 'Blockbuster Event' added. Additionally the builder pro controller layout is being added to Save the World, which allows for much faster building and is the preferred default of many players.

In terms of more general tweaks, grenade launchers have temporarily been replaced with firework launchers in all versions of the game. This is only a cosmetic change, but it means you'll get to see lots of colourful explosions.

There's also another limited time mode taking place called Final Fight featuring teams of 12. Sadly this does not mark a tie-up with the classic Capcom brawling series, but rather another variant on Battle Royale which begins like a normal match, until partway through the storm circle stops shrinking. At this point a timer starts, the remaining players duke it out, and the team with the most players remaining when the time's up will win.

Shopping carts are back! And if you do a particularly great jump with one, you'll see how far you went pop up in the elimination field (where you normally see which players have killed and been killed).

Shotguns now do significantly less damage to buildings and structures, seemingly as part of the balance changes to how the build-centric end game works. On the other hand, SMGs have been buffed up across the board.

As well as all this, there are a host of other fixes to performance and minor gameplay tweaks you can read about in more detail here. The patch is also expected to update a floor surface that briefly created unintended swastikas in the game if assembled a certain way.