Watch The First Day Of The 2018 Summer Games Done Quick Speedrunning Marathon

By Cameron Kunzelman on at

Summer Games Done Quick returns for its eighth year today with speedrunning performances across a number of classics, starting with Banjoe-Tooie.

SGDQ is one of my personal favourite ways to kick-off the season and is always a great distraction from the summer heat and quiet release schedule. Based out of the DoubleTree Hilton in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the event features speedrunners of all different games showing off their skills and deep knowledge of games ranging from the classics to the more obscure in an effort to raise money for Doctors Without Borders.

While the action started on the N64 with Rare’s platformer sequel, it’ll also be featuring some newer stuff like with Joakim Sandberg’s Iconoclasts, an indie game released this year that mixes Metroid with Metal Slug.

Here’s the full schedule.

SGDQ 2018 will continue around the clock for the rest of the week until it ends next Sunday morning. There’s lots to look for, including new indie platformer favourite Celeste early Thursday and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Saturday, but what I’m probably most excited for is the big block of Metroid on Tuesday night culminating in a 100% map completion run of Super Metroid, a game which was conspicuously absent from the last marathon.

If you’re a newcomer to this whole speedrunning thing, the great part about SGDQ is that every playthrough includes interesting colour commentary about the game in question and explanations of what the speedrunners are doing to take advantage of weird strategies and glitches to beat the games they’ve been tapped to play so quickly.

All of the runs will be broadcast live in the Twitch stream above, but you can also check the YouTube archives for anything you might have missed.