Next Week's Fortnite Patch Will Remove an Unintended Swastika

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the past 24 hours, Fortnite players online have realised that the current version of the game makes it possible to accidentally construct a swastika when placing certain game tiles together, a problem which Epic Games is aware of and attempting to fix as a matter of high priority.

First noticed by a group of players on Reddit, the issue arises when four specific metal floor tiles are dropped, and was found by the players while they attempted to create a dance floor. The way the corners of the tiles met did seem to unintentionally create the piece of Nazi iconography.

While many online initially assumed the image had been photoshopped or manipulated, Epic Games responded and confirmed that this was indeed an issue in game, and addressed fixing it as a matter of priority.

Epic Developer DanDaDaDanDan responded to the issue:

"Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This was unintended and will be addressed ASAP by adjusting the metal piece art!"

Apparently, the fix won't be deployed as part of today's Fortnite patch, as it was already submitted, tested, and ready to deploy, but the June 26th patch should replace the tiles, so they instead resemble the above image when assembled this way. Accidental swastikas in tilesets are apparently a pretty common issue in game design, and it seems this one just managed to slip through the net.