Smash Bros. Ultimate Always Runs at 60FPS, Hits 1080p Docked

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Yesterday's E3 2018 Nintendo Direct presentation might as well have been called Smash Bros. Direct, considering how much information about the new game Ultimate they threw our way, but as it turns out there are still bits of news about the game trickling out online. Today, we got specifics about the game's performance.

Thanks to a portion of text on Nintendo of Japan's website, translated by Siliconera, we know that Smash Bros. Ultimate will run at 1080p 60fps when docked, and 720p 60fps when played in handheld mode. The resolution drop in handheld isn't exactly surprising considering the handheld screen... erm, displays at 720p.

We also got confirmation that, to increase support for the Gamecube controller adaptor for Ultimate, there will be a new run of controller adaptors and official Smash-branded controllers released around the launch of the new game.