Rage 2 is Single Player Only, Hits 60FPS on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Rage 2, initially leaked by a listing on Walmart's website and later confirmed by Bethesda ahead of E3, was one of the first big E3 games we got to see a trailer for this year. The game, which looks like a neon Mad Max, is not going to follow some of the conventions of the first Rage.

While the original Rage offered co-op support, as well as competitive multiplayer, Rage 2 is apparently going to be a single player only affair, according to a statement made to Eurogamer.

It was also confirmed in the same interview that the game will run at 60FPS on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but will not hit that mark on the base versions of those consoles. Rage 2 has no release date currently, though it's rumoured to be aiming at 2019.