Everything Sony Showed At E3 2018

By Kirk Hamilton on at

Tonight at Sony’s PlayStation E3 press conference, they showed off a handful of games including The Last of Us Part II, some more Spider-Man, and the gorgeous-looking Ghost of Tsushima. They also announced Nioh 2. Good night for samurai games!

The show was logistically odd, as attendees were herded through a couple of different locations while the hosts on the stream vamped for time. It was also light on major announcements, but they did show some nice-looking games and took breaks for a couple of lovely musical interludes.

  • First up, they showed a bunch more The Last of Us Part II. The whole thing was introduced by composer Gustavo Santaolalla playing his Last of Us theme on a six-string banjo. It was neat. We got to see teenage/twentysomething Ellie hanging out at a friendly gathering and kissing her girlfriend, before a dramatic cut to her killing the shit out of some dudes in a darkened wood. What followed was a pretty standard video game stealth sequence, albeit one with the absurd, probably unhealthy level of polish we’ve all come to expect from Naughty Dog games. (Also, side note, Ellie went prone while sneaking, indicating this will be a crouch/run/prone stealth game instead of a crouch/run game. I’m sure you were wondering.) So basically this demo went: sweet dancing scene, nice kiss, extremely gnarly murder fest, end on some nice kissing. This game is going to be a lot.

  • Next came Ghost of Tsushima, an open-world Samurai game. This demo started with a dude on stage absolutely shredding on the shakuhachi, which was fantastic and not something I was expecting to see at E3. As for the game: The Witcher vibes were strong with this one, which is being developed by Infamous studio Sucker Punch. The demo depicted a character making his way through war-torn feudal Japan, with the sorts of sword fighting and sneaking you would expect. Damn, though. It was really nice-looking. Like, wow. Leaves.

  • We got another look at Kingdom Hearts III’s Pirates of the Caribbean world. I feel like I’ve seen so many minimal-context snippets of this game at various press conferences over the last two days that I have no idea what it even is anymore. Does anyone? Does anyone know what Kingdom Hearts III is? I’m not sure anyone does. Anyway! Here’s CGI Jack Sparrow!

  • Death Stranding: It’s still weird! Hideo Kojima’s weird-ass sci fi/horror/I don’t know what game still looks wild, and like the sort of thing that will continue to be weird right up to and probably well after it finally comes out and I finally play it. Makes sense, since this game seems like it’s gonna involve a lot of time-shifting fuckery.

  • Nioh 2! Fuck yeah! I’m psyched about this. Super psyched! I need to finish the first game. But I don’t care! I will still play this. Okay, I think I worked through my excitement just then. Thank you for sharing this experience with me.

  • Spider-Man looks great and I want to play it, too. That’s the point of these press conferences, right? To make us want to play a certain video game? If so, mission accomplished re: Spider-Man. Sony’s big stage show ended with Insomniac’s Spider-Man, which is coming out in September. The sequence they showed had a prison break featuring a whole bunch of Spidey’s most famous enemies, and some outrageously expensive-looking setpieces and action sequences.

A Few Other Things:

  • People who pre-order Black Ops 4 will get some free maps for Black Ops III, and if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription you get Black Ops III as a free download today.
  • We saw a short Destiny 2: Forsaken trailer indicating Cayde-6 is gonna get shot, or killed, or “killed” and then you spend the campaign bringing him back from the dead.
  • They also showed a platformer called Trover Saves the Universe from Rick and Morty’s Jostin Roiland for PS4 and PSVR.