Satisfactory is a Space Exploration Game with Complexity

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Shown off in a trailer during the PC Gaming Show this evening at E3 in LA, Satisfactory is a space exploration game where players explore in an Arc: Survival Evolved style of gameplay, but also have to craft machine workflow pipelines, factories, and machines that process and make things out of the materials you harvest.

The name is a pretty cute pun, you know, because it's very satisfying to build factories. Apparently, you work as an engineer, working to create huge massive machine factories, ultimately taking over the planet with your huge resource mining machine.

An example given of the complexity of the game was creating plastics. Plastic requires oil, which requires oil pumps, then refineries, then moving conveyor belts, then machines to convert the oil into plastic.

The game features co-op, and will have a beta available in the coming months.