Sable Looks Like a Cel-Shaded Journey, And It's Gorgeous

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Sable has popped up a couple of times so far this E3, but mainly as part of indie sizzle reels where it only got around 10 seconds to shine. During tonight's PC Gaming Show at E3, we finally got a proper trailer for the game, and my goodness it looks gorgeous.

Sable is an open world exploration game about solitude. Sable is the titular character, a young girl on a hoverbike, off into the world wanting to learn more about her planet's history. The game isn't about combat, it's just about exploring a world.

Developed by a very small team, the trailer really did a great job of making the game look gorgeous. The developers cite the 'clear lines' style of French and Belgian comics as well as Studio Ghibli as being inspirations but, seriously, watch that trailer. That aesthetic has a serious wow factor: let's hope the foundations beneath are as solid.