Beyond Good and Evil 2 Shows Off Katana-Wielding, Domz-Flanked Jade

By Laura Kate Dale on at

During Ubisoft's E3 2018 press conference tonight, Beyond Good and Evil 2 got a new CGI story trailer, and it contained a bunch or really interesting lore tidbits that have interesting implications for the plot of the prequel.

The new trailer showed off Shandi, the game's protagonist, trying to save her team, after they are ambushed by an enormous freighter. The ship's cook is shown to be Peyj, from the original Beyond Good & Evil, albeit in a far younger form. Shandi jetpacks onto the ship hoping to save her crew, and ends up face to face with a younger version of the original game's Jade, wielding a Katana, and flanked by Domz. It certainly seems like the prequel is going to pitch Jade as a villain who needs to be saved and made into the hero we known in the original work.

Beyond that, apparently Joseph Gordon Levvett wants Beyond Good and Evil 2 fans to go to and basically make free music and art for them to use in the game, which feels a bit skeevy.

No gameplay was shown, but the game will have a demo at E3. As a huge, huge fan of Beyond Good and Evil, I am fascinated to see how they present Jade as evil, without that being jarring compared to who she is in the original game.