1000-Player Battle Royale Game Mavericks: Proving Grounds Announced

By Rich Stanton on at

Hey there are battle royale games everywhere so this was inevitable. During PC Gamer's semi-eponymous PC Gaming Show at E3, a 1000-player battle royale game was announced. I mean, that is a LOT of players.

The trailer shown had players being killed, first of all by an explosion through a wall, after which their killer would be taken out in a different way - as the environment shifted from lush, to snowy, to flame-licked... you get the drift. This does look polished, and the player cap is super-interesting, but the proof here will be in the royale pudding.

Some minor details were offered: players leave footprints, and can destroy foliage, examples of many hints that can be used to track other players. The deformable environment will apparently play a large part in the game, and there's also a persistent social hub. Here's the trailer:

If you're curious about how exactly 1000-player fights will work, and if the whole thing's just gonna fall over, you might be interested in the beta, which you can sign up for here.