The Division 2 Looks a Lot Like The Division, Which is Fine By Me

By Rich Stanton on at

The Division 2 was shown today at Microsoft's E3 conference, both in CG trailer form and with a mission walkthrough. The game's setup is that, following the events of the first, the US is a failed state with various sides warring, and ‘corrupted remnants’ of the last government set against the brave and holy agents of the Division. Oo-rah!

The gameplay shown will look very familiar to players of the first game, though is here choc-a-bloc with ‘cinematic’ individual moments - in fact it smells suspiciously like a tutorial mission. This extends to the awful Ubisoft chatter, their canned actors pretending to be playing the game, which returns with a vengeance. They talk about ‘adjusting builds’ and speak strategically in a way no real team ever does.

The focus of your agent's base seems a little more personal this time, with one of the first things your character hears about being a sick boy who needs meds (aw!). The combat is absolutely the same, with new gadgets, and still has that thing of everything looking super-realistic until a baddy takes four shots in the thigh and gets 20% damage and hides.

The way the players approached things ultimately it ended up with shooting an enemy in their ‘weak point' and the enthusaistic actors saying “lay it on him!” The tutorial mission feel was basically confirmed at the end as the four players run forwards to ‘take the capitol back’.

Thing is, though, The Division was a hell of a lot of fun and this also looks spectacular. I'm curious what kind of ideas they have for multiplayer but, as far as I'm concerned, the original has already done enough to pique my interest in this.