Fromsoft's New Game is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

By Rich Stanton on at

A new Fromsoft game, published by Activision, was given its premiere at the Xbox E3 press briefing (meaning it's not exclusive). It's a game about samurai and ninja that seems to feature trick weapons á la Bloodborne, but a much more dynamic movement system that sees the lead character jumping great distances and delivering 'assassination' moves.

Naturally, some very big and nasty things turn up and start bodying the player. The combat certainly looks Soulsian, but faster, and sure enough the trailer solemnly intones that “your death won’t come easily...” after the character collapses.

You'd expect a little more from Fromsoft, and there are hints of a more sinister and darker side to all this historical boshing, with scenes showing a sinister centipede-type thing crawling over a body. There's also room for some horse combat, which seems to be available to both enemies and players. The trailer ended with the name of the game - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and some massive dragon thing flying in on the bridge.