Dying Light 2 Announced

By Rich Stanton on at

Dying Light 2 was announced at today's Xbox E3 conference, with narrative designer Chris Avellone sent up on-stage to highlight the sequel's big idea of "genuine consequences." A demo then showed off the familiar parkour system while giving an example of such a consequence, after a protagonist undertakes a mission to confront two survivors who are hoarding the water system.

Needless to say this is the post-apocalypse so water is a big deal. In the demo, the player kills the hoarders, the peacekeepers get the water, and the area develops stability. The cost, however, is that while the streets are safer, it's only for the government troops. And if you're not onside... ouch.

The demo then returned to the choice and, instead of killing the hoarders, the player works with them and gets into selling water on the black market. This makes the player rich but leads to super-unsavoury types moving into an area you've helped become more criminal-controlled.

Avellone emphasised that this was only what was happening during the day, and players of the original will know what he means. It's heartening to see a zombie game with ambitions above the average and, following the disappointing State of Decay 2, one that might stand a chance of delivering something new. The example chosen wasn't the wildest but, if such consequences really do stack up over the course of the game, this is worth watching.