The New Command and Conquer... is a Mobile Game

By Rich Stanton on at

At EA's E3 press conference today a new mobile game was announced and played live on-stage. A hex-based PvP strategy game, the first clue as to what was going on here was the presence of a green crystal at the edges of the map: tiberium, if I live to be a day.

Celebrity gamers iNcontrol and nickatnite played against each other as the GDI / NOD factions, and the play looks a little like Adance Wars at times but is much more influenced by games like Boom Beach and Clash of Clans, the classic realtime rock-paper-scissors stuff. The centre of the map is a nuke that, rather confusingly, requires two hits to destroy the enemy's base.

Anyway, that's what we could tell from the brief demonstration. It's not what any Command and Conquer fan wanted, necessarily, but this is C&C: Rivals, which reimagines the game for mobile.

The game focuses on very quickly collecting resources and building forces, in an attempt to take control of one of three bases on the map. By taking control of the bases, you can point a missile towards your opponent's base. Two missile strikes on a base will case it to be destroyed, ending the match.

Arrivals is coming to iOS and Android devices, with an open beta currently available on the latter devices.