It Looks Like Hitman 2 is Getting Announced Later This Week

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Yesterday afternoon, the official Hitman and WB Games Twitter accounts started putting out teaser images suggesting that something new was incoming later this week regarding the Hitman series. One tweet stated the reveal would be about something new regarding Hitman, with the other confirming that the announcement, whatever it was, would be made at 6pm UK on Thursday 7th June.

While neither of the tweets confirmed what the news would be, according to multiple reddit threads, at the same time as these teaser tweets went live, internet sleuths found a Hitman 2 logo file on the Warner Bros. website. The image was hosted here, before being pulled offline.

The existence of a logo for Hitman 2 suggests that 6pm UK this Thursday we will see a sequel officially announced. Back in April, IO Interactive and Warner Bros signed a publishing deal for Hitman, which makes the news they're publishing the sequel fairly unsurprising.