Fortnite on Switch is Now All but Confirmed By a Ratings Board Leak

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Welcome back to yet another edition of "Which E3 Reveal Has The Korean ratings Board Leaked Today?", Kotaku UK's new favourite quiz show about games we are not supposed to know about yet.

Last week, the Korean ratings Board rated Sunset Overdrive for PC, revealing the port's existence. Yesterday, it rated a Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition release for modern consoles, and today we've found a rating for Fortnite on Switch, a game which has been rumoured to be in development for as long as hyped up fans of both have been around to get optimistic about.

Ratings board leaks tend to be pretty darn accurate, as a ratings board cannot issue an age rating without, you know, seeing evidence that a game exists. Along with yesterday's leak of E3 documentation, this all but officially confirms Fortnite will be coming to the hybrid system. It is at this moment unclear what content in the game will be playable if you're undocked and outside the house without a wifi connection.