Hogwarts Mystery Player Gets Bored Waiting For Energy Meters, Writes Fanfic

By Alex Walker on at

As far as mobile games go, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery isn't the first game to be stingy when it comes to energy meters and making the player wait to push the story forward. But rather than sitting idly or going off to do something else, one Hogwarts Mystery player opted to write a fanfic while they waited.

The story appeared on Commaful, a site for user submitted multimedia stories. It's a place for people to basically craft short stories with some overlaying images, which works perfectly if you have a bunch of screenshots from your phone.

And given that Hogwarts Mystery makes you wait a lot — hours, in some cases — why not turn the Harry Potter spin-off into a story of your own?

That's what user Draco did, writing the first couple of parts of Donald Trump Goes To Hogwarts. "I thought a fanfic using both Trump and HP was particularly fitting because I have thoughts about both of them and a parody on both allowed me to share a lot of thoughts I had indirectly," Draco explained, saying they often played mobile games with stories and timers with the view of making a fanfic out of them.

Hogwarts Mystery is notoriously grindy though, and there's plenty of downtime. And because Draco's Slytherin recreation of Donald Trump — especially early on — kept running out of energy, they had plenty of time to jot a story down.

"Because this one kicked me out so frequently, I spent the first break storyboarding out the idea ... not too far after, the game paused again needing more credits so that's when I actually put the story together and posted it."

A fun aside, Draco added, was that they couldn't initially name their character Donald Trump. The last name appeared to be blocked, although Donald Trunnp got through the game's censors just fine.

As for Hogwarts Mystery, the fanfic writer said that they were more entertained by their own fanfic than the game's story. "I may just be overly critical because I like writing and often dream about the Harry Potter world."

"I do get that it's the business model and that the game probably couldn't get created if it weren't for those energy bars, but truthfully it made the storyline and the game just too slow," Draco said.

But sometimes even energy bars have a silver lining. Draco has five more parts planned for their Trump-Hogwarts crossover, and the act of writing the story is helping push them through their Hogwarts education.

The first part of "Donald Trump Goes To Hogwarts" can be read here, along with the second part. Personally, I'm just holding out for what happens when Slytherin Donny takes up Quidditch — provided Hogwarts Mystery doesn't drain the life out of Draco first.