Korean Ratings Board Suggests Sunset Overdrive is Coming to PC

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Hooray, it's once again time for everyone's favourite source of gaming news leaks: a rating from the Korean Ratings Board. Games need to get age ratings ahead of release, and some ratings boards publish that information before official announcements happen. As such, we sometimes learn games are real and exist in a playable state ahead of time. Ratings board leaks are usually a very reliable indicator of a game existing.

Originally released back in October 2014, up until now Sunset Overdrive has been an Xbox One exclusive, one of the earliest for the system. However, the game just got rated for PC in Korea, which suggests a PC version exists, and is going to be announced any time now.

This makes sense – Microsoft wants all of its exclusive titles to be available on both console and PC, so a PC port helps fill out that parity.

While no PC version has been officially announced, we are getting into E3 season, so it is almost the time to start making announcements.