We Know Rage 2 is Getting a Trailer Today, Because it Leaked Early on YouTube

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Last Friday Kotaku UK was theorising that today, Monday May 14th, would be the date Rage 2 would be announced. You can read the original story here, but the short version is: Walmart listed a bunch of games on its site, people assumed they were early E3 announcements, then the Rage account and Bethesda started posting images alluding to today's date. In short, it looks like the publisher saw the leak and, rather than getting angry, decided to try and build some marketing momentum from it.

While Rage 2 has not yet been officially revealed, its reveal teaser trailer was 'accidentally' put live early on YouTube, and appeared as an advert in front of several gaming YouTube videos across the morning before it was set private again.

Anyone uploading mirrors of the trailer to Youtube is having them taken offline, so for now we're relying on offscreen recordings uploaded to Twitter. But it seems certain Rage 2 is on the way.

Now, it does make one wonder: are all the rest of the games from the Walmart leak real too? There's too much dodgy information there to say anything one way or the other, but confirmation of a game no-one expected certainly suggests there's at least some substance to it.