Bethesda is Teasing Rage 2 Big Time

By Laura Kate Dale on at

The original Rage, released way back in the distant past of 2011, was a post-apocalyptic FPS that was pretty well-liked/ The short version is that the shooting was great, the aesthetic... maybe not so much. It didn't set the world on fire, so it's quite surprising that a sequel appears to be incoming.

Earlier this week, as discussed on Kotaku splitscreen, Walmart listed a bunch of unannounced video games on their website, which many theorised was a leak of E3 announcements. Some of the game titles are clearly not accurate, however, such as 'Forza Horizons 5', so the whole thing is best taken with an entire shaker full of salt.

Walmart insisted in a statement to Motherboard that the titles were speculative, but the subsequent response from Bethesda to the leak suggests otherwise. Rage 2 was listed on Walmart's site, and ever since both the official Rage and Bethesda accounts have been using Twitter to suggest an announcement is imminent.

The official Rage Twitter account hasn't been active in years, but was reinstated for the above - after all, nothing says anarchy like moaning about key art and fonts. The neon pink paint used to 'graffiti' the listing is also a notable detail because, following this, the Bethesda Twitter account has been sending out a series of images which all feature the same shade.

The first two tweeted images are pointing to the numbers 5-14, the time on the clock face and the numbers on the rocket, which seems awfully likely to be a reference to May 14th. Rage 2 may well have been intended for E3, but it looks like Bethesda has decided to use this leak to its advantage. We'll find out on Monday and, either way, will get a better idea about whether that Walmart mess is credible or not.